Things To Know


In those cases where building contractors or trades people are hired to conduct work at your property, be advised that building renovators and certain tradespersons require a City of Toronto business license to perform work within the City. Please ensure that any contractor you may hire has the required License(s). For further information you can contact: Municipal Licensing and Standards, Licensing Services, East York Civic Centre, 850 Coxwell Avenue, Third floor, Toronto, ON M4C3R1 (Licensing Services Call Centre: (416) 392-6700 or


18.-(1) For the purpose of an inspection under Section 15.2, an officer may,

  1. Require the production for inspection of documents or things, including drawings or specifications, that may be relevant to the property or any part thereof;
  2. Inspect and remove documents or things relevant to the property or part thereof for the purpose of making copies or extract;
  3. Require information from any person concerning a matter related to a property or part thereof;
  4. Be accompanied by a person who has special or expert knowledge in relation to a property or part thereof;
  5. Alone or in conjunction with a person possessing special or expert knowledge, make examinations or take tests, samples or photographs necessary for the purposes of the inspection; and
  6. Order the owner of the property to take and supply at the owner’s expense such tests and samples as as specified in the order. 1992, C.23,S.18(1);1997, C.30, Sched. B, s.11


  • GFA, Gross floor area means the total area of all floors above grade measured between the outside surfaces of exterior  walls or between the outside surfaces of exterior wall sand the centre line of firewalls, except that, in any other occupancy than a residential occupancy, where an access or a building service penetrates a firewall, measurements shall not be taken to the centre line of such firewall.
  • Building area means the greatest horizontal area of a building above grade,

(a)  within the outside surface of exterior walls, or

(b) within the outside surface of exterior walls and the centre line of firewalls.

  • Street means any highway, road, boulevard, square or other improved thoroughfare that is 9 m or more in width, that has been dedicated or deeded for public use and that is accessible to fire department vehicles and equipment
  • Dwelling unit means a suite operated as a housekeeping unit, used or intended to be used as a domicile by one or more persons and usually containing cooking, eating, living, sleeping and sanitary facilities.
  • Grade means the average level of proposed or finished ground adjoining a building at all exterior walls.
  • Guard means a protective barrier, with or without openings through it, that is around openings in floors or at the
  • open sides of stairs, landings, balconies, mezzanines, galleries, raised walkways or other locations to prevent accidental falls from one level to another.
  • First storey means the storey that has its floor closest to grade and its ceiling more than 1.8 m above grade.
  • Firewall means a type of fire separation of non-combustible construction that subdivides a building
  • or separates adjoining buildings to resist the spread of fire and that has a fire-resistance rating as prescribed in this Code and the structural stability to remain intact under fire conditions for the required fire-rated time.
  • Party wall means a wall,

(a) that is jointly owned and jointly used by two parties under an easement agreement or by a right in law, and

(b) that is erected at or upon a line separating two parcels of land each of which is, or is capable of being a separate real estate entity.